Initiative for green economy

Foundation for Development of North of Montenegro FORS Montenegro in partnership with the Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Development in April 2013 started project entitled Green Economy Initiative.
This project, funded by the European Commission Delegation in Montenegro, aims to increase the involvement of civil society organizations in the development and implementation of local public policies and plans related to environmental protection . The objective will be achieved by strengthening the capacity of civil society to participate in decision-making and the formulation of public policies and promote the concept of green economy and its importance for the development of communities through civil society initiatives .
This 20 months long project will be implemented in the northern region of Montenegro and will bring together organizations dealing with the environmental protection and social issues. The project involves building of their capacity related to project cycle management, advocacy and lobbying, participation in decision-making and monitoring policy .
The second component of the project is to promote the concept of green economy as a mechanism for achieving sustainable development, which will be implemented through joint actions included civil society organizations. Special emphasis will be placed on the involvement of young people and their education in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development and their participation in decision-making, which will be achieved through publications, lectures and trainings.

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