Green Partnerships Project – Local Partnerships for Green Cities and Regions

The implementation of Greenpartnerships project – local partnerships for green cities and regions, funded by MED Programme and IPA started In January 2013. Project includes 9 EU member states, and has been expanded by including Mediterranean countries which are candidates or potential candidates for EU membership. The project lasts 2.5 years, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina is implemented by Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo.

The main objective of the project is to strenghten the implementation of local public policies and strategies related to energy efficiency for sustainable local and regional development of the MED cities and local communities by:

  • developing a joint innovative approach including the development, promotion and testing of operational recommendations for overcoming the existing difficulties faced by local public authorities and,
  • enhancing cooperation of stakeholders in implementing energy efficiency measures by creating local partnerships.

More detailed information about project can be find on following link:


Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Development of Sarajevo (CESD) as the selected consultant within the project Local Partnerships for green cities and regions is working on the implementation of the following activities:

  1. Adaptation and translation of materials which were made by the Expert Working Groups in the project, and in the following areas: Review of approaches and joint list of obstacles in the implementation of energy strategies, Detailed guide for more efficient implementation of local strategies through the formation of local partnerships, Public lighting, Energy efficiency in buildings, Financing and Legislation.
  2. Preparation and moderation of two workshops for public administration from the area of ​​the City of Sarajevo, about the subjects "Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings" and "Energy Efficiency - public lighting"
  3. Preparation and monitoring of two workshops on energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy;
  4. Preparation of Detailed guide and monitoring system for more efficient implementation of local strategies through the formation of local partnerships
  5. Development of technical solutions to improve energy efficiency in public administration for the six facilities, which include: Analysis of the situation in the pilot facilities, Proposal of technical measures to improve energy efficiency, Action plan with a timetable, investment amounts, sources of financing and implementers and Method of monitoring the implementation of activities and reporting.

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