Campaign for education and collection of electronic and electrical waste “Move-Get Wiser“

The project Action for the collection of electronic and electrical waste “Move- Get wiser“ is implemented by CESD in cooperation with ZEOS eco-system, Ltd. a certified operator for the electronic and electrical waste in the territory of the Federation.

The project objectives are to:

  • raise public awareness of the dangers to the environment and human health from the disposal and improper handling of EE waste,
  • inform citizens about the resources that can be saved by re-using and recycling of electronic waste,
  • inform citizens about the possibilities and ways of proper methods of waste electric and electronic waste,
  • collect a certain amount of EE waste, and
  • demonstrate the possibilities of reuse of electronic waste.

The project is co-finaced by Ministry of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection of Sarajevo Canton and the two partners. The total value of the project is 19,250 KM. The project duration is January-December 2015.

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