Exploring the possibilities for introduction of native plant species in the quarry Ribnica

"The Quarry Life Award" is the name of an international competition organized by the HeidelbergCement Group. CESD signed up to the competition with the project "Exploring the possibilities for introduction of native plant species in the quarry Ribnica".

The main objective of the project was to provide insight into the current state of vegetation within the exploitation field Ribnica and its close surrounding area to be able to select plant species that are most suitable for introduction into the quarry.

The Ribnica quarry is located at about 7 km to the northwest of Kakanj at altitudes from 405 to 685 m. During the project implementation, total of three field visits to the Ribnica quarry and its immediate surroundings were made. Visiting locations was conducted by line transects method with necessary stopovers in order to collect plants. Determination of plant species as well as the determination of floral elements and plant life forms was performed using a professional literature.

A total of 148 plant species have been identified during the field studies of the quarry (79 plant species inside the quarry and 69 plant species in its surrounding area). Based on floristic composition analysis, seven groups of plant life forms have been recognized within the quarry area and five groups of plant life forms in surrounding area. A total of 33 floral elements have been recognized inside the quarry area and 27 floral elements in its surrounding area.

Analysis of the plant species relation to different ecological factors (light, temperature, continentality, humidity, the amount of soil nutrients) showed a strong similarity between plant species within and outside the quarry. Conducted analysis and conclusions showed that the majority of plant species from the close surrounding of Ribnica quarry is possible to introduce inside the


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