Eco-school ”High School of Metalurgy"

In late September, CESD began the implementation of the Eco-Schools programme in Municipality Center. "High school of Metalurgy" will become the 23rd consecutive school that will bear the name and flag of the international Eco-Schools program.
After a series of successful Eco-Schools programs implemented in primary schools of Sarajevo Canton, with this project, the program of Eco-Schools is gradually being introduced to secondary schools in the Municipality Center.
Through this project, standardized Eco-Schools program will be implemented and the emphasis of the program will be to educate students and teachers about the current trends in energy efficiency field, the implementation of the framework of the energy audit of the school, and prepare an action plan for improving the energy status of the school. The goal is to train students and teachers in this field, which is crucial for their future work and occupation, and enable them to prepare project proposals for improving energy efficiency in their school with whom would later apply to the various funds (Fund for Environment of FBiH , Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, EU funds, etc..)​​.
The overall objective of the Eco-Schools is to educate and educate today's generations sensitive to environmental issues, as they will make decisions about the development of society in this century.

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