Eco-school Ustikolina– Environmental Education for Climate Change Mitigation

In the period 12/2011 – 10/2012 CESD implemented project Eco-school Ustikolina– Environmental Education for Climate Change Mitigation with the financial support of UNDP BiH.

The objective of the project was to integrate environmental education in the school curriculum, and to teach pupils, teachers, non-teaching staff, and school management to live in harmony with environment, to take care of environment on a daily basis. The special focus of the project was to increase energy efficiency of the building by reconstruction and refurbishing.

Thorugh this project the following results were achieved:

  • Intenrational Eco-Schools Programme is fully implemented,
  • Environmental education was integrated into curricular and extracurricular activities in the school
  • Energy efficiency project is implemented with measurable success. Within the project, the following energy efficiency measures were implemented:(i) All windows on a school building have been replaced; (ii) Thermal isolation of a building also have been implemented through the construction of a building facades,(iii) Thermal isolation of heating has been improved through placing of insulation of heating pipes and attic, and (iv) Blinds for windows have been installed.
  • Awareness of wider community is raised about environmental problems in general. The project was also promoted at the cantonal level.

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