22. April – Earth Day

The project Action for the collection of electronic and electrical waste “Move- Get wiser“ which is implemented by NVO CESD- Center for Environmentally Sustainable Development in cooperation with ZEOS eco-system, Ltd. in Bosnia and Herzegovina - a certified operator for the electronic and electrical waste in the territory of the Federation of B&H, will mark the Earth Day on 22nd of April 2015 together with students and teachers of ten elementary schools from four city municipalities of Sarajevo Canton.

The central manifestation of celebration of Earth Day will be held on Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 at 11:00 A.M. in the premises of Elementary School „Grbavica I“, where the diverse program will be presented with the exhibition of the art work, posters and showpieces made of electronic and electric waste. The participants from 10 eco-schools with 5 students from each school and school teacher coordinator will have an opportunity to show their attitude in relation to preventing further pollution caused by EE-waste.  

In the sam time, this will be an opportunity to announce the campaign of collection of EE waste at selected location of 10 eco-schools in Sarajevo (JU OŠ „Aleksa Šantić“, JU OŠ „Čengić Vila I, JU OŠ „Grbavica I“, JU OŠ „Hasan Kaimija“, JU OŠ „Mula Mustafa Bašeskija“, JU OŠ „Nafija Sarajlić“, JU OŠ „Osman Nuri Hadžić“, JU OŠ „ Safet beg Bašagić“, JU OŠ „Velešički heroji“ and  JU OŠ „Vrhbosna“,) which is to be held in September 2015. 

ZEOS eco-system Ltd. In cooperation with Penny plus Ltd. Sarajevo will provide 40 seedlings for each of the school.