Education on E-waste continued in eco schools in Sarajevo Canton

After the first cycle of the educative workshops for students in elementary schools, the education is continued in other 5 eco-schools in Sarajevo Canton. So, the second cycle of the education in schools began in the Elementary School “Vrhbosna”, where it proved that the students of this school were very interested in this topic and they asked many questions in relation to this special category of waste, as well as the separate way of the collection of the waste electronic and electric equipment.
In Elementary School “Grbavica 1”, where the students of the fifth, sixth and seventh grade were waiting for the project team at the classroom of the of the technic education, the professor of the technic education showed the project team that this school already collected the significant quantities of the waste electronic and electric products, and they have also several proposals for the creation of the new product out of this waste, which they will prepare in May this year.

In Elementary School “Mula Mustafa Bašeskija” – Branch school at Sedrenik, the students of this school from first to fifth grade were educated for the first time about this project and generally about the electronic and electric waste. The students actively participated in the discussion after the held lecture and educational video on E-waste, and they were informed about a possibility of the preparation of contest in playing video game ZETRIS at the web page of ZEOS eko-sistem, d.o.o. where they will be able to practice how to achieve as best result as possible and win the prize during the official contest of the schools participants in the E-transformer bus in the period of 5th to 8th of May 2015 at the most attractive locations in Sarajevo.

The second part of the educational workshops on E-waste has been finalized with the realization of the workshops in Elementary School “Nafija Sarajlić” and Elementary School “Čengić Vila 1”, within which the students of these schools listened to the educational lectures on E-waste and watch the educational video, and after that asked different questions in relation to electronic and electric waste. The students can hardly wait to start with the contest between the schools in relation to video game ZETRIS which goal is to collect as much points as possible in the way that they have to successfully arrange the e-waste equipment (set up at