Presentation of the results of the survey to the municipal services of the Center Municipality

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019. the meeting was held on the project "Together in Action -Small and Big Environmental Guardians of the Centar Municipality". The meeting was attended by representatives of COOR, representative from EKOPAK - Amila Lekic and representative from ZEOS eco system - Alem Kupusovic, and representatives of the Centar Municipality: Ismet Demir, Amela Landzo and Naida Foca. Topics of the meeting were:

• presenting the results, to the representatives of municipal services, of the surveys of citizens from 6 LC’s , that were carried out within the project "Together in Action -Small and Big Environmental Guardians of the Centar Municipality”

• brief presentation of the work and activities of the EKOPAK system operator and the ZEOS ecosystem;

• Possibility of participation of representatives of municipal services (communal affairs and environmental protection) in educational lectures, which are planned to be realized on January 28, 2019. in the Center for Healthy Aging, and

• Announcement of planned activities for the next two months.


It was concluded that an additional meeting could be organized with the representatives of the Services for Investment, Communal Development and Planning, who were unable to attend that day, with the aim of providing a more detailed presentation of the results of the survey by the experts and possibility of encouraging future plans and measures that the municipality would need to improve regarding packaging waste and E-waste.