Cleaning Action of Hum Forest Park

On Thursday, 22.11.2018. and Friday 23.11.2018. starting at 11:00 am, the Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Development (CESD) Sarajevo with the financial support of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo is organizing the action of cleaning and landscaping of Hum Forest Park. Cleaning actions are organized as one of the activities under the project "Partnership for Environment - Joint Action for the Hum Forest Park", where the cleaning and landscaping of the Hum Forest Park will be done through the practical field work of the students of the High School for Environment and Wood Design and the activism of the members of CESD, residents, as well as secretaries and members of the four local community councils that gravitate to this area.

These actions will include: mowing and clearing of terrain, waste collection, painting of furniture and fences, setting up of information boards etc. For the purpose of implementation of these activities, it is also planned to purchase adequate equipment for the High School for Environment and Wood Design [2 motor cleaners- lawn mowers, 2 sets of protective clothing (trousers, jackets, protective boots, safety goggles), hilling tools and fuel tanks. The representative of PUC Sarajevo-Šume will also participate and will give guidelines for land clearing.

All interested parties are invited, especially the inhabitants of LC Pofalići 1, LC Pofalići 2, LC Velešići and LC Gornji Velešići, to join us to contribute to our beautiful surroundings together.

                                           Thursday 22.11.2018 and Friday 23.11.2018


                              Cleaning Action in Hum Forest Park, Municipality of Novo Sarajevo

   within the framework of the project " Partnership for Environment - Joint Action for the Hum Forest Park "

The project's objective is to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the establishment of partnership for joint actions in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo.


Contact person for more information is Ms. Semra Fejzibegović ( tel: 033 212 466/7.