Completed Workshops "Media pedagogy and practice and ways of media promotion of the project"

In the period from 23.10. 2018. - 01.11.2018. workshops entitled "Media Pedagogy and practice and ways of media promotion of the project " were held in five Primary schools (Hasan Kikić, Safvet-beg Bašagić, Alija Nametak, Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević and Nafija Sarajlić) that are participants in the project "Together in Action -Small and Big Environmental Guardians of the Centar Municipality ".

The workshops were led by Zoran Ćatić, a journalist / media promotion expert ande were attended by teachers and students of these schools with the aim of educating and forming "small school editions". After the completion of the workshops, an active engagement of "small school editions" is expected. They will be co-ordinated by the coordinators, and their task will be to monitor media coverage, during the project duration, and to publish all information about the activities in which the school will participate.

Announcements will be made on school web sites, existing social network profiles, or in some other way that is approved by the school.